Monday, February 15, 2010

Starving Yourself

Have you ever starved yourself for any period of time? I'm not talking about a diet, although I'm sure some could qualify. I mean just ignoring those hunger pains and then when the food is put in front of you just want to gorge yourself.

Well lately I've been feeling the urge building in myself. Not with food but with finances. With my wife in school about to finish her second degree and me going to get my first, money has been tight. I've had a decent paying job thankfully, but with few student loans and a mortgage, it's been pretty tough.

The finish line is drawing near now though! She's done in May and will hopefully have a full-time job to go with it! So I can't help but think of what we'll be able to do with the extra cash. The list of wants has been growing the whole while she was in school and we now both feel the desire to gorge ourselves.

However, we all know that you're always left with a sick feeling in your stomach when you do eat too much too quickly and I don't think this would be any different. So, I figured I better start planning how to handle it.

I've already created a budget to account for most of the money. More towards our mortgage, retirement, and debt repayment. All those fun things. Don't worry it also includes a little more mad money, car savings, clothing budget, etc.

I do however think we need to celebrate! I plan to take my wife out for dinner somewhere nice to celebrate. I think we both deserve that. I also figure we could buy something we've wanted for awhile as a gift to ourselves. Not sure what that is yet... too many choices.

Once the new budget is in place and we feel the restrictions lifted a little, I think the feeling of starvation will fade away. We will eventually be able to achieve all the purchases we wanted, but it's just going to take some time to save up the money. That's still a nicer feeling that the bloated feeling of going deeper into debt.

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