Thursday, March 4, 2010

Unexpected Money

A couple of weeks ago, my wife received a letter that she was getting a student loan. Which surprised us as they kept turning her down for every other application that she made. More surprisingly yet, it was for the maximum amount allowed. We realize it's not free money, but it is the next best thing.

In my previous posting on budgeting, I mentioned the problems with paying off the credit card a month later. I really wanted to get the budgeting under control, but this aspect of it has made it more difficult. So we decided to use the loan to pay off January's debt, so that we can use our income from February for the February's expenses.

Maintaining the budget has become a lot simpler now. We're still struggling with a few budget items, but I hope to get that under control soon. After all, it's really a new skill to learn and you can't start off being great at it.

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  1. Sorry this was late, I just entered the wrong date in the scheduled date. *sigh*