Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Whereabouts

OK, I suppose I should explain why I stopped writing, so here goes my list:

1. Running out of post ideas.

Intermediate Financial Accounting I & II didn't really lend themselves to topic ideas that I could share with the general public. Calculating the future value of bonds is fun for me, but I doubt any of you really care. I was also hoping to feed off of the comments, but I wasn't receiving as many as I had hoped for.

2. Tougher courses.

I'm no longer into level 1 courses and it is obvious to me. About the time I stopped writing a final was approaching, I had fallen behind on studying, and was seriously close to failing that exam. I dropped everything and even took a sick day to buckle down so I could pass. For the other reasons I'm mentioning I didn't pick it up again after the exam was done.

3. Lack of comments.

I realize this is mostly a one-sided conversation, but I was hoping for a little more participation. When I stopped writing it felt like no one was going to notice, so I didn't bother to explain myself then. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a lot of verbal communication to continue writing. So thank you all very much, and I will try not to take it personally in the future.

4. Depression.

After 8 years of schooling, my wife was finally about to graduate as an RN. However, it appeared that the best she could hope for was going to be part-time work. From what I was hearing from her and all her classmates, was that there was no work to be had. That meant I was stuck at my job indefinitely! Writing about becoming an accountant didn't seem to be all that important anymore.

Now she is working full-time and they call her on every day that she has off asking her to come do another shift! I'm still at the same job for now, but at least we're not solely reliant on my income.


So hopefully you can forgive my absence. I probably won't write as regularly anymore, but I'll aim to have one of these a week (less around exam time).

If you ever have any financial questions you'd like me to try and research and tackle, please send me a comment or e-mail. If you ever disagree with anything I write, I'd love to hear that too! Honestly!

Thanks again to everyone for the support. Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!

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