Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wealth Through Doors

I haven't posted here in awhile as I'm sure you may (or may not) have noticed. This will however be my final posting in this blog.

I thought this blog would be helpful to people that found finances confusing and wanted a more straightforward explanation. In reality though I don't think most people are all that interested in taking control of their personal finances. The people that do take the interest spend the time reading over the subject at length and would find little value in my blog.

So, I have decided to focus on my real estate investing passion instead. This is the year that I will buy my first investment property, and I have decided to create a new blog Wealth Through Doors to focus on that instead. The challenges, the research, and the experiences, as I build my wealth "one door" (investor lingo) at a time.

I haven't changed anything on here, so I imagine this message will end up on my Facebook page. I decided for the new blog, not to force the posts in your face, so if you are not interested in my blogging, you will be happy to hear this is the last blog announcement that will appear on my wall!

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